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Inner 360 – How Ukrainian Fashionists Use VR

Inner 360 – the first ukrainian promo-video in fashion-industry which was shooted by 360° VR technology. Fashion film INNER, which is participant of non-competitional program of the Fashion Film Festival Kyiv. This film – exemplification of colection’s idea of SEREBROVA brand – dance in augmented reality recorded by VIRTUE studio.

The choreography of Oleksandr Stoianov, who is Honored Artist of Ukraine, performed by ballerina Hanna Stoianova , made the image of the Heroine easy and expressive. Fresh, recent and insightful urbanistic film’s musical format – it’s Dmytro Burkanov’s work, who is frontman of ukrainian musicband PerSay.

It’s a story about the modern woman, her creativity, power, intelligence and softness. Heroine loves and honors her roots and customs because it gives the ground for creativity, strength and confidence in life.

That exactly how Olena Serebrova, who is “SEREBROVA” brand’s founder, described her project.

She – the beam of light in the world of chaos, quickness and unexpectations. Delicate and tender. Timid and touching .

With what power does it wear light in this world! Powerful bright ray, which doesn’t know doubt and doesn’t feel fear. What does give her this power?

Memory. She remembers field of ripe bread worried by the August breeze Knows how the green sea of ​​the ancient forest rushes, how the dream grass blossoms in the sun-litter lawn. She remembers the blooming of Petrekivka on the white canvas walls of the grandmother’s house. This memory keeps her, fill her. With it – she real! Harmonious, alive, audacious. She can everything. And do EVERYTHING. Do it easy with gracefulness.

Creating of the “INNER” collection was inspired by Petrykivsky’s mural – ukrainian decorative-ornamental folk painting, wich came from ancient art of painting of dwellings and objects of everyday life.

The main idea of the video – to show that folk art is able to be modern, timeless and progressive. This art should developing in modern world using innovative technologies. So new content is given by ukrainians here and now.

We couldn’t miss breakthrough of modern ukrainian clothes designers. As the result we came with questions for Mrs. Serebrova.

What was the main difficulties you faced with? How long have you reached for your goal?

My way was really short. Virtue’s representatives came to my show-room “SEREBROVA”, which is located in Kiyv, Symon Petliura 12a street, and offered to create a film using 360/VR/Augmented reality. Many heard about that but few did give it some special significance.

I was excited by one of the VR’s sagnificant things. It’s an extension of human thinking. That means not only image perception and receiving information in front of you, but also enormous magnificent spherical space that is possible and necessary to fill by ideas. So as it’s not merely shooting nature but my first creative 360 ​​video in augmented reality, i was faced with a lot of VR’s nuances. I’ve fundamentally transformed my way of thinking.

Next VR’s thing, which impressed me, – it’s presence effect . I’ve understood one of the main signature of it – you are in the virtual reality, but your feelings and emotions, which you get from what you see, are absolutely real. And it’s happening here and now.

The main complexity was to find the shooting room and bring the whole team at the right time. So everyone who was involved in filming are high-quality professionals,
incredibly busy people.

What feedback did you recived from the audience? Why had you been showing this movie outside of the competition program?

The Fedback was incredible and it’s still going on.We were ahead of time and were not in the format of the event. Therefore this is partly due to the fact that the film was out of competition program.A silence of the press, which failed to assess the importance of this technology, especially in the field of visualization of the product, like are Fashion Industry, proves the fact that we had outstripped the time.

Why did you choose Samsung and Virtue as partner companies?

Because Samsung is the only company in the world that made the VR platform for working with such content.Secondly, the company was one of the first, who provided the headset for smartphones in the VR segment. Among the all companies in the smartphone market, Samsung was one of the first manufacturers of Gear sunglasses for watching videos on their own brandly smartphones. Also smartphone displays have some of the best technical features that greatly affect the quality of the image watching video.

But frankly speaking, the technologies of virtual reality which are used by the world are still far from ideal. Intuitively, people are hoping that the quality of virtual reality will be the same as reality. The fact is that the technology itself is limited by companies that manufacture cameras, glasses and other equipment.

The image quality isn’t impressive compared to what people want to see.However Virtue has developed its own author mode of shooting in VR mode, which makes the image as high quality as possible with the most up-to-date equipment.The goals of Samsung, Virtue and the SEREBROVA brand are very similar – to give people the unforgettable emotions of the real world, where the VR is a great tool for that.But so far everything has encountered the limits of innovation in the field of virtual reality.

What was your colleagues feedback from the fashion industry?

The answers were very different in our sphere. Amazing snobbishness and no interest in knowing the innovations from our artists who are passing by and do not even want to look at the novelties of the market, already in advance believing that they will not see anything new. It also affects the press’s silence.

I’m really pleased by the young people who are open to everything.
At first – amazement and interest, then – a sincere excitement and a desire to view the film over and over again.

Are you going to do similar projects? 

Maybe … keep intrigue!
At least, now it will be easier, because there is something to show and tell, even to the same directors, performers, so that they understand the innovation of the idea.

Is there an additional benefit of such project to enhance your brand in front of a photo and simple video?

Of course! First of all, this is the visualization of the object you represent in the market, it can be considered all the threads.
The second is EMOTION – the most important thing in the advertising market! Presence’s efect and strong emotion are the greatest benefits of augmented reality to other means of communicating an artistic idea.

Several startups are currently active in the creation of virtual fashion boutiques, car dealerships, city tours.In the near future, girls and boys will be able to buy their favorite clothes for themselves using virtual reality.

Could you give a piece of advice to other clothing designers how to use and create such a project for their brands to strengthen the Ukrainian industry?

I believe that we are now in the very begginig of something grand that has completely been changing the worldview of people of the future as, for example, the time of creation of the first car, computer, the Internet,  These things are now an integral part of life. Just imagine the most epic movie, for example, Avatar or the same Titanic you can watch not on the TV screen, but really be present in the film by yourself, from the first person.Not looking to there where the director planned, but in any direction of all actions. Imagine that Ilon Mask has successfully launched people to Mars, and with the VR technology, not only can cosmonauts go there, but virtually all humanity using virtual reality.

You will be able to sit in the most expensive sports car of the world, somewhere in the car dealership in the center of Monaco.All these futuristic prospects inevitably await us in the nearest future.

First of all we must be open and interested. VR is first of all the tool, which must be used by a person, based on his work for the realization of his ideas.

Comment of the 2018 collection

The video dedicated to the 2018 spring-summer collection is a journey back to the past. A clean, bright, technologically perfect future of society. It is built in the new intellectual-digital world based on the humanistic values ​​of mankind: the right to freedom, happiness, development and the expression of their own talents.

The idea of ​​the collection is vividly illustrated with the vivid mix of Steampunk and New Industrial styles.

The graceful and complicated experimental tailoring “sculpt”, a silhouette with an emphasis on the fantasy of hand-wings and women’s waist.

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