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Media Lab start in Gwara Media

Working on the audio-visual direction of the company and more and more facing with the situation when the expertise of the team is wider than audiobooks, was made a decision to expand the business model of our project to creating a Media Lab.

This is an interdisciplinary research lab engaged in projects aimed at converging technologies, multimedia, science, art and design.

We find inspiration and expertise through our own research, participating in interdisciplinary events similar to the Startup Europe WeekNASNAGA MEDIA HACKATHON and the expertise study from MIT Media Lab and Knight Lab.

Currently team is researching possible projects on intersection of future media, creative industries, social business model innovation and digital strategies in order to find stunning examples of industry intersections to jump up to the building experimental projects, run Gwara Media audiobook product and continue experimenting with reinventing audiobook to more immersive 3D Audio and 360 experience to deliver world-class audiobook experience.

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